Marco Sweering Photography is an archive showcasing the achievements of a photographer, film maker and director.
Marco Sweering graduated from ____________ with a full degree in photography. He launched his career in central Amsterdam working for high profile car magazines, fashion journals and various newspapers. Shortly thereafter, he was noticed and picked up by ING, where Marco has been a preferred external vendor for photography for over 20 years. Working with ING has taken Marco across many borders and gained him international recognition. Besides this, 10 years ago Marco expanded his career into film, applying his knowledge and expertise from photography, and has since created numerous documentary, commercial and promotional works.

Undoubtedly, he has achieved the trust and respect from some of the worlds most influential people, where he is known for his professional, punctual results, and friendly demeanor.

Marco is available for most types of commissions, near and far, casual to professional, and of course from film to photography. Should you wish to get in touch about any particular works, please feel free to contact him via info@marcosweeringphotography.

If you are interested about using any of the images shown on this website, please get in touch.


Understanding that many hands make light work, Marco often works in close partnerships with people he has grown to know and trust over the years, who produce work to his expectations. Having the support of these partners allows Marco to be able to take on projects larger than one would expect and deliver on time and on brief. You can find out more about those partnerss below.

Polle is a professional photographer. Trained as an assistant with international renowned photographers. Currently working for various international brands, as a peoples photographer. Improvisational talent, specialising in people, portraits, their business, their arts, interiors and travel. Polle runs and maintains his own company, 27 Images.

KETTER&Co stelt zich ten doel de maatschappelijke, sociale en stedelijke ruimte te verbeteren. K&C initieert en realiseert daartoe projecten, stelt vragen en brengt partijen uit verschillende disciplines en van uiteenlopende samenstelling bij elkaar, waarmee verbindende oplossingen worden onderzocht en tot stand gebracht.